Rumsfeld Knew: Followup – Washington Post Picks Up Story

Sean Camoni

The Washington Post has a story about the Seton Hall Report here.

Tellingly, while Rumsfeld quibbles about the exact words he used or did not use, he does not deny the substance of the report: GTMO was populated with low-value detainees and the government knew it. Despite that knowledge, GTMO detainees were continually subjected to harsh interrogations in indefinite detention with obstructed or no due process. The government continued and still continues to claim the men in GTMO are dangerous and likely to be repeat offenders, yet the majority of detainees were never even accused of committing an act of violence before incarceration at GTMO, and the government has never substantiated its recidivism claims. The Rumsfeld Memo confirms that the Bush Administration knew at least as early as 2003 that the men imprisoned in GTMO were not the so-called worst of the worst, yet continued to make that assertion in public. Secretary Rumsfeld did not deny any of that to the Post.


2 responses to “Rumsfeld Knew: Followup – Washington Post Picks Up Story

  1. Even assuming this is true, who the f*** cares? The Bush Administration kept us safe for 7 + years after 911 thanks in large part to Gitmo and the information received from the interrogations. This can only be written by a bleeding-heart liberal that is so out of touch with the pulse of America. I’m sure this Camoni jack**** would hire these “low-value detainees” to babysit his kids because they are not the “worst of the worst.

  2. The fact that they are “low-value” means that they have no information to give. There is no evidence that any attack was ever averted due to information gained in GTMO. If you have some, we’d be glad to look at it. There is plenty of evidence that the majority of the men in GTMO were never even accused of a violent act, let alone attacks on the US or coalition forces.
    And I would not let them babysit my children, at least not without an interview and a few references. Though I can be confident they would not give my kids malaria, since we forcibly dosed them with a psycotropic malaria medication whether they needed it or not. I wouldn’t hire you to babysit either, by the way. Such language!

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