Times of London Highlights SHU Law Fellows’ Report

Andrew Sullivan has an article on the TimesOnline site today reporting the Fellows’ findings from Death in Camp Delta and Scott Horton’s Harper’s story.  Sullivan nicely summarizes our report, calling out US news outlets for ignoring this story.  He says the whole incident, including the government’s response (or lack thereof) has been perhaps “the biggest story in the grim annals of the Bush-Cheney era since Abu Ghraib.”  An excerpt:

“The NCIS report was 1,700 pages long and heavily redacted. It was released only by court order through a freedom of information request. Last autumn a group of students at Seton Hall University law school undertook a thorough assessment of the report and found its conclusions incredible. I’ve read the full report. It’s bizarre.

“The report claimed that the three men — not in adjoining cells — braided a noose from their sheets or clothing, attached them to the top of a wire mesh wall, hung sheets to prevent the guards seeing into their cells, bundled other sheets up to make it look as if they were in bed, bound their own hands and feet, tied cloths over their faces like a mask to muffle any sound they might make as they died, then climbed onto their sinks, or by some other means hanged themselves, swinging there for two full hours before being found. When discovered, the military said that rags were stuffed down their throats. They claimed these were the remnants of the cloth masks which had been ‘inhaled as a natural reaction to death by asphyxiation’.”

Read Sullivan’s piece here.


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