A Cover-Up of Appalling Proportions

By Jesse Dresser

I do not wish to speculate into the events of June 9-10, 2006 and what may have occurred versus what actually occurred.  Rather, I think the focus of attention can rightly be placed on the NCIS investigation itself.  Taken as a whole, this investigation asserts that three detainees died in their cells, in an extremely secure detention facility, while under the constant surveillance and observation by the block guards.  Instead of instituting some form of punishment against the guard personnel for dereliction of duty, the NCIS is quick to term this as an act of asymmetrical warfare carried out by evil terrorists with the purpose of furthering their jihadist cause.  Given the numerous inconsistencies, inherent oddness, and the overall gross incompetence of the investigation, one must ask the simple question: “why?”  Why did the NCIS conduct such an inadequate investigation?  What was the motivation behind this useless method of investigation?  Who was in charge that effected such a poor investigation?

In my opinion, there are only two possibilities: either the NCIS was that incompetent and incomplete by its own laziness, inability and negligence; or the NCIS was intentionally incompetent with their investigation in order to hide what actually happened.

As for the first possibility, I find it highly unlikely.  It is near impossible that NCIS did such a poor job through negligence and inability alone.  The Naval Criminal Investigation Service is a highly-trained, professional investigation and law enforcement service that boasts having been the first to respond to the USS Cole bombing, the terrorist attack in Kenya, and various other terrorist attacks.  The NCIS has taken credit for solving cold cases more than thirty years old.  Moreover, the NCIS is a household name synonymous with top-notch investigation, even meriting its own primetime television series.  To put it bluntly, the NCIS is a professional, adept law enforcement and investigation organization and it would be realistically impossible for the NCIS to have conducted such a grossly incompetent investigation without some hidden factor or ulterior motive.

Having ruled out the possibility that the inadequacy of the investigation was the result of unwitting incompetence, the only remaining alternative is that the NCIS conducted an “intentionally incompetent” investigation.  The manner in which interviews were taken, the paucity of military personnel actually interviewed, and the questions that weren’t asked at these interviews leads to the conclusion that the NCIS purposefully conducted a sloppy and incomplete investigation.  Without getting into too much speculation as to what actually happened, it nonetheless becomes clear that what the report concluded did happen is not the same as what actually happened.  Thus, it is evident that the NCIS has been used in a way that has the ostensible effect of a cover up.  The grossly incompetent investigation and report was used to distract the public from the truth regarding the events of June 10, 2006.

Personally, I am appalled that an investigative organization of such renown has been commandeered and used in such an immoral and corrupt way to shield the American public from the truth.  The American people deserve more from their government than to be lied to by an otherwise reliable and trustworthy agency and have the truth hidden from them in such a significant way.  It is inexcusable that this was allowed to occur and that the NCIS sat by and acquiesced in conducting an intentionally incompetent investigation.

Nevertheless, important questions remain to be answered.  Questions like, “who was behind this,” and “what were they trying to cover up,” are good starting points but by no means the end of the inquiry.  Representative Eshoo’s recent letter to Attorney General Holder is a good start.  However, this administration must redeem the faith of the American people by beginning to address some of these questions.


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